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Color markup of documents is a time consuming task that art directors and production managers have been doing manually since the advent of color printing. ColorBreaker ends that. It is absolutely accurate and unbelievably fast. We can guarantee that ColorBreaker will save you lots of time. It produces much more detailed and precise labels than if done by hand. ColorBreaker places 'tags' that contain pertinent color information and accurately point to items and text blocks with "smart" arrows. This information contains everything your printer will need. It also alerts you to RGB or spot color problems. ColorBreaker labels InDesign elements and imported graphics as well. It can even place FPO tags automatically. A 'collision avoidance' feature which decides whether to move the tag and use a call-out arrow is automatic. When a tag is moved manually, the arrows 'magically' reattach to it. Using ColorBreaker, you end up with clear, complete, error-free information in the right places.

  • Comprehensive color information
  • Shows color info of included graphics
  • Font information also shown
  • Indicates KO (knockout) items and shades
  • Remove all with menu command
  • Arrows follow boxes when moved
  • Customize colors and fonts
  • Print out or make PDF for reference
  • Allows you to create a Color Break layer for added convenience
  • NOTE: Required by Glaxo Smith Kline on all submitted documents
  • NOTE: Required by Time, Inc. Direct Marketing on submitted documents

The tabbed dialog of ColorBreaker gives maximum control over the process

October 2008 Review in Layers Magazine

"ColorBreaker is amazing, it is great that someone finally did this."

----Tina Fishetti, Sudler & Henessy Advertising

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