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ProScale was the world's first scaling XTension in 1990. Resize items, groups or entire documents in one click. It is the only scaler that allows you to intelligently scale non-proportionally without distorting text and graphics! Includes advanced text fitting tools and column fitting along with our convenient "fit-to" functions. Also includes an awesome visual drag scaling tool that works with the Quark measurements palette. So many "firsts" and "bests" make this an must-have XTension for anyone working in XPress!

Buy ProPack and get Cropster, DragIn plus 16 more GLUON XT's for just $70 more dollars than ProScale!

  • Scale items, groups, page ranges or entire documents
  • Scale non-proportionally without distorting pictures and text or choose to scale flexigraphically
  • Special function palette with scaling presets (9 only)
  • Step-and-repeat scaling
  • Scaling presets for common sizes allows to quickly move documents from letter size to A4 and vice versa for example
  • Control every aspect of what gets scaled and how including guides, gutters, shadows, etc.
  • Quark 7 version allows control over scaling drop shadows
  • Advanced, easy-to-use Text-fitting
  • Single-click column fitting
  • Single-click fit box-to-picture
  • Scales native elements such as tables, web items and anchored groups
  • Visual scaling tool added to Quark's tool palette that integrates with measurements palette (9 only)

"Having ProScale is like having a design assistant."

--Jay Nelson, X-Ray Magazine

"GLUON ProScale is THE scaler."

--Brian Logan, Imaging Supervisor, Bozell Worldwid

"I've been completely spoiled by ProScale."

--Ben House, Studio Manager, Deutsch Advertising

"OH MY GOSH!!!!! What an amazing product!!!! (ProScale)...I actually screamed and jumped for joy after using it yesterday afternoon for a project I was converting (banner size: 42x60 to portrait 11x14), which is something I have to do ALL THE TIME!!!!!! manager didn't know what was happening!!!!! I am a happy happy girl!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!"

--Tracy Shaw, Jos. A. Bank

"The new ProScale interface is really conducive to the way designers work and think. It's rock-solid and a pleasure to use."

--Chris Klein, Studio Manager, Lowe Lintas

"...I desperately needed it [ProScale] for a project I was working on. Have had Extensis in the past at work, and I think GLUON is much better. Thanks."


"ProScale is an extraordinary time saver. Fast... easy to use... I couldn't live without it."

--Ken Hogan, Studio Manager, Gotham Advertising

All GLUON Demos can be unlocked to become fully functional using a Purchase Code. Depending on the product, the demo is fully functional for a certain period of time.

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