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Slugger is an indispensable tool which is used by many of the world's leading Ad Agencies and Publishers. Crucial trafficking and document information is placed on each page or margin. If you run a production studio with complex or high-volume jobs, then GLUON Slugger will make sure that your documents always travel with pertinent, dynamically updated information embedded. Slugs can include company logo, color chips, colorbars, signoffs, font, image and color usage lists along with other important information such as who last worked on it were and where the document was last saved and much more, all fully customizable. Both internally to management and externally to clients, your documents will appear and be more intelligent and secure. Slugger lends a tremendous degree of professionalism to each document printed.

We have been working closely with partners such as Xinet and Adobe to make sure XMP data mirrors and enhances Slugger data for maximum workflow and asset management potential. Further integration with CaptureWorks' MetaCapture as well as compatibility and synchronization with Quark 6 through 8 technologies makes GLUON the unequaled leader in Slug technology as it has been since 1991. Accept no imitations!

Included is the Universal Slug Designer which allows you to design cross-application slugs for InDesign or QuarkXPress! We intend to add Illustrator and other apps to the list as well.

Buy StudioPack ID and get ProScale ID, Cropster ID and Slugger ID at a discount!

  • Multiple Slug layouts, info, logos, etc. selectable as a preset from dialog popup
  • Shares settings with Quark Slugger*
  • Dialog appears on new and unslugger documents
  • Information updates automatically on print
  • Slug can be customized from scratch using our Universal Slug Designer application (free) or you can pick up Quark Slugger preferences (most cases)
  • Integrates well with other metadata technologies such as XMP and Xinet WebNative

*most settings translate without changes

The Slugger Specs dialog appears on new documents or unslugged documents.

Slug Designer allows you to design slugs that work the same in Quark 6, 7 and Adobe CS 2 and CS3

"Slugger Never Lies."

--Studio Manager, Ogilvy & Mather

All GLUON Demos can be unlocked to become fully functional using a Purchase Code. Depending on the product, the demo is fully functional for a certain period of time.

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