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StudioPack for InDesign combines four highly useful plug-ins: Slugger ID, Cropster ID, ProScale ID and Greeker ID. No serious design studio should operate without slugs on their documents or without proper mark-ups for design mechanicals. And when it comes time to resize an entire document, you will certainly want to have ProScale around to reduce this to one click! And when you show your work to clients, make sure to keep their mind on the design instead of nitpicking over copy by using Greeker.

  • Fully customizable slugs added to each page, get updated automatically on print
  • XML/XMP based metadata can be utilized by other systems
  • Include logos, signoffs and multiple text boxes in slug
  • Dialog appears automatically for unslugged documents to fill in certain metadata


  • Industry standard for creating mathematically perfect mechanicals
  • Add crops, guides, fold marks, dimension arrows and more
  • Save presets of commonly used settings
  • Create even or custom folds
  • Add reg marks, logos, colorbars and more to page


  • Scale items, groups, page ranges or entire documents
  • Scale non-proportionally without distorting pictures and text or choose to scale flexigraphically
  • Scaling presets for common sizes allows to quickly move documents from letter size to A4 and vice versa for example
  • Control every aspect of what gets scaled and how including guides, gutters, etc.
  • Scales native elements such as tables, web items and anchored groups
  • Visual scaling tool added to InDesign's tool palette


  • Toogles live text between readable and non-readable
  • Keeps clients' minds on the layout and not the copy
  • Preserves all paragraph and initial cap letter attributes for exact look
  • Saves time over Lorem Ipsum since your real text is used
  • Keeps design and editorial on the same schedule

This dialog appears automatically on new or unslugged documents.

Cropster's tabbed dialog gives you all the control you need over mechanicals.

ProScale is a must have as you can see from the simple "Document" radio button above.

"Slugger has been GREAT! I don't know how I lived without it."

--Debora Morrill, Clarity Coverdale Fury

"Having ProScale is like having a design assistant."

--Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly

"GLUON ProScale is THE scaler."

--Brian Logan, Imaging Supervisor, Bozell Worldwide

"I've been completely spoiled by ProScale."

--Ben House, Studio Manager, Deutsch Advertising

"I love Cropster. I use it 12 times a day, 5 days a week."

--Warren Vegas, Studio Supervisor, McCann-Eriksson

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