Our vision and concept was many years in the making. We are an automotive technology startup with a unique approach to vehicle software, monitoring, tuning, product sales and customer engagement.

  • We have developed a patent pending device and app which plugs into the vehicle and allows the user to not only monitor the vehicle outputs (fuel, mileage, range, temperature, etc.), but unlike any other device in the market, our device allows reprogramming of the actual ECU unit on a vehicle through the mobile app. Our current library of tunes is growing as we add more and more premier tuners and their abilities to Gluon.

  • Our ecommerce connectivity plays off of the monitoring aspect of the device. We want our customers to know exactly what issues their vehicle is facing, when a service is due and how much it will cost. With this information at their fingertips, we have partnered with top tier auto parts suppliers to bring the products at the best possible prices to our users.

  • Customer engagement is a big part of Gluon. We want to create an ecosystem where your vehicle is united into as many areas of your life as you want. From forums, to car meets, gas prices, social media, we want Gluon to connect your vehicle to local events and deals which are available.

  • Gluon will allow you to find service providers in your area based on your location and requirement. If you need a tire rotation, brake job, or a car wash, we can provide you with current, live offers and specials around you. Business owners can send targeted ads and advertisements for Gluon users seeking specific jobs or products such as an oil change for all Ford F-150 models or tire rotations for any car.

  • Gluon also gives companies with large vehicle fleets the ability to monitor their entire operations from one location. A single dashboard can monitor where a vehicle is, how much fuel, range, vehicle health and upcoming services required. We felt that a more informed business is a better business and can make the most of a vehicles life with basic knowledge about the vehicles.

  • Safety is a big concern for most individuals, and for parents knowing where your child is and what their vehicle is doing is a feature that we will offer to our customers. The ability to tune a vehicle is also the ability to add software to restrict maximum speed a vehicle can travel, alert a parent if a vehicle is not traveling within a known/regular path, or even allow a valet mode so one of your most valuable assets wont be taken for a joy ride when put into the wrong hands.