Customer outreach event in March 2021

Dear Community, Thank you for attending our recent customer outreach event held on March 16th 2021. During the outreach event we presented progress made on our Petromo product line and also show cased the product features.  For those that could not attend, a recoding of the event is provided below. Thanking you again for your continued support and interest.   Intuitive application for all platforms 
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Announcing Petromo

Dear Community, We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest enterprise product, Petromo. We have been in development of this product for some time now and have recently launched IoT hardware, iOS and Android applications for connecting petroleum stations into the Gluon Platform. When we started Gluon, our goal was to connect multiple markets together, this moves us a step closer to this vision. What is Petromo? Monitor your fuel inventory at your fuel dispensing location remotely on your mobile devices. Visualize your inventory data like never before and gain actionable insights into your historical trends and alarms. If you have multiple locations, your inventory information across your locations will be at your fingertips, so you can be proactive and cost efficient in managing your fuel dispensing stations. Access information relating to critical alarms remotely and stay on top of safety and compliance activities. Roadmap We have engaged with designated operators in California with access to hundreds of fueling stations to hopefully onboard them this year. We plan to launch in Northern California and expand our reach from there. We have already launched the pilot with multiple fueling stations in production with our first batch of IoT hardware, providing useful…
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Gluon Solutions and LG Electronics SVL Partnership Announcement

Gluon is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with the premier OEM technology company LG Electronics SVL to research and develop disruptive products.   We hope that this collaboration will strengthen and increase Gluon’s adoption in the marketplace. More information will be released closer to an anticipated commercial launch in 2019. Our comprehensive approach to multiple facets of automotive technology including fleet management, telematics, monitoring, diagnostic and e-commerce sets us apart from others in the space. Our products and framework have not been limited to just automotive, other exciting new products and markets outside of the automotive space which will be announced publicly in the future. Gluon sought a partner with wide-ranging capabilities in manufacturing, OEM development, and large distribution channels. We are very proud to have that opportunity now with LG Electronics. Thank you, Gluon Team
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Hiring of Venkat Raju

All, We are proud to announce the hiring of Venkat Raju to be our SVP USA and Managing Director for Gluon India. Venkat has over 25 years of experience in IT, 20 of them in the financial and payment domain. He is leaving his position as VP with TSYS where he managed a staff of over 300+ developers and support staff. Venkat is a results-driven, metrics and continuous improvement culture based, hands-on professional with strong technical & people leadership skills. His experience highlights include managing product development from concept, design, development, technical sales to successful revenue-generating product lines in startups. In his previous position, he managed the main product development center with over 300+ developers and support staff for TYSYS in India with a strong culture of innovation & best practices. He holds a B.E Electronics, RV College of Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Alabama.     Thanks, Gluon Team
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GLUON Intellectual Property Update

All, Please see updates to our intellectual property filings and approvals below: Design patent/application: VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS DEVICE U.S. Patent Application No. 29/614,997 Registered and Fully Published European Union Design Patent No. 004723369-0001 Utility patent applications: SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TUNING A VEHICLE ENGINE CONTROL UNIT U.S. Patent Application No. 15/012,070 European Union Patent Application No. 16839730.5 Japan Patent Application No. 2018-530484 India Patent Application No. 201817010611 South Korea Patent Application No. 10-2018-7008049 Mark I OBDII Hardware with FCC, CE, and MIC certifications Mark II OBDII Hardware in development phase Cloud Server Wi-Fi/Cellular/Bluetooth connectivity Platform API’s Web Portal iOS and Android Mobile Applications Please note that the Company has updated its information to reflect MIC approval rather than E24. Thanks, Gluon Team
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Feedback from Leonard Norwitz – Tune Customer

  Dear Community,   We had the pleasure of meeting Leanard Norwitz back in February of 2018 to tune his Volvo C30. His experience with Gluon is outlined below:   Customer name: Leonard Norwitz Feedback Date : Feb 09, 2018   Never one to take the sane road when another way presents itself, I made the decision to go with Gluon.   There are a number of reasons I choose this company: Location: 35 miles distant (Livermore) Team: Partners with IPD, specializing in aftermarket Volvo parts and support Technology: Cutting edge Delivery: Wi-fi and iOS & Android Headquarters: USA / UK / India   Gluon is only a delivery system – they partner with those tuning specialists they feel provide the best for the car and model in question.   As to that, there are only 6 or 7 auto makes they can provide tunes for at the moment. Noticeably missing, for now, are BMW and Mercedes.   The company is 4 years old and they bend over sideways to please.  Three managers came out to meet me when I called on them this afternoon.  The Livermore location is a building with a warehouse large enough to hanger a small plane.  By…
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Reduction of Founders/Employee Allocation and Creation of Reserve C

Dear Community, We have made a slight revision to our company breakdown of tokens. The Founders and Employee allocation has been reduced from 70M tokens to 20M tokens and the lock period increased from two (2) years to three (3) years. The 50M tokens removed have been placed into a new Company Reserve C, locked for a period of three (3) years. The calculation of the company and public/private supply was also adjusted to reflect that the 12M marketing/incentive figures are a part of the unlocked company supply. As you know, businesses are always changing, we feel this is a positive way of addressing future needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please join us in our various social media channels and let us know your input. Thanks, Gluon Team DONT FORGET TO JOIN OUR SOCIAL MEDIA Official Telegram Official Discord Bitcointalk Announcement  Twitter  Facebook (Please note percentages may be rounded up or down, i.e.35.7% to 36% 64.3% to 64%)
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GLUON Token Sale Rescheduled

Dear Community, For the past few months since we announced our token sale, we have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of community members that we are now proud to call our family. Our priorities, which have remained the same throughout, are: a commitment to our company, a commitment to transparency, and a commitment to integrity. With the recent developments at the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and their increased guidance and regulatory practices, we now have a framework being set for companies, like GLUON, to register. We have not been contacted or forced to comply by anyone at the SEC, this is purely an initiative from the GLUON team to stay ahead of the eventual requirement for all U.S. based organizations to register with the SEC. Regardless of GLU being a utility token, we will be registering. We feel that this initiative best serves our commitments previously listed above as well as our community. What does this mean in the short term? We will be announcing the timelines for the Public Sale once the registration with the SEC is complete, tentatively after our exhibitions at Blockchain India, C# Corner Conference, and the Blockchain Expo in London. We are driving…
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Official Bounty Campaign 2018

GLUON OFFICIAL BOUNTY CAMPAIGN 2018 With loads of community feedback and interest, we would like to present our community-driven bounty program. This bounty will be split into two major categories, first being referrals and second being content creation and promotion. Please note, these are the ONLY bounty programs that are currently offered. Bounty amounts are only distributed upon a successful token sale.. Join our referral program today! Every participant will be issued a unique referral link. For each person who signs-up with your unique referral link for our newsletter — you will earn one stake in our Referral Program Pool. REFERRAL BOUNTY – WEBSITE AND TELEGRAM The first category of participation is our Referral Program. For each person who signs-up with your unique referral link for our newsletter— you will earn one stake in our Referral Program Pool. What is a stake (staking) and how will the rewards be calculated? The pool for the referral program is 200,000 GLU tokens. Each participant that registers following the instructions below will receive a unique referral link. Each individual that clicks the link and successfully signs up for our newsletter will earn you one stake. For example, at the end of the referral program,…
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Gluon Whitepaper and Updates

Dear Gluon Community, We are pleased to announce that our Whitepaper is officially available for viewing on our website. Please follow the link below to access it. Also, please remember to join our various social media channels for the latest updates and news! Click here for the Whitepaper How Does Gluon Compare with Others? Above please see the Gluon OBD connectivity diagram. We at Gluon spent years developing and fine-tuning our own hardware, developed 100% from the ground up. We added everything we could possibly want from voltage sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, data storage, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE, Bluetooth and most importantly the ability to futureproof the device by allowing any changes or upgrades to be done in-house. We have the ability to update our device firmware over the air. The Gluon V1 device is FCC/CE/E24 approved and our V2 device for consumer and emissions regulations is currently in the FCC certification stage. Quite simply, we go above and beyond the basics. Below is commonly where we see our competitors limited. The vast majority of OBD “connected” car companies use an off the shelf device to connect vehicles and gather basic information like speed, fuel, rpm, etc.     Thank you from the Gluon Team!
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Introducing "Petromo - Solutions to Automate Gas Stations and Fuel order" for Station Owners and JobbersClick here to read more