Gluon FAQ

Gluon FAQ

  •  Company is registered in the State of Delaware (File # 5968890) and with the California secretary of state (File # C3905650)
  •  List of all officers is available on the Gluon website with links to the registrations available on the California Kepler site and Delaware SOS site. File #’s are above.
  •  Office addresses are listed on the website. Head office is 6951 Southfront Road, Livermore, CA 94551.
  • Design patent/application: VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS DEVICE
    • U.S. Patent Application No. 29/614,997
    • Registered and Fully Published European Union Design Patent No. 004723369-0001
    • U.S. Patent Application No. 15/012,070
    • European Union Patent Application No. 16839730.5
    • Japan Patent Application No. 2018-530484
    • India Patent Application No. 201817010611
    • South Korea Patent Application No. 10-2018-7008049
  • Mark I OBDII Hardware with FCC, CE, and MIC certifications
  • Mark II OBDII Hardware in development phase
  • Cloud Server
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Platform API’s
  • Web Portal
  • iOS and Android Mobile Applications

Please note that the Company has updated its information to reflect MIC approval rather than E24.

The Stratis ICO platform is a powerful demonstration of the Stratis technology and its versatility, coupled with their comprehensive approach is what Gluon was searching for. Their powerful BaaS platform has been developed from the ground up in C# and Microsoft .NET framework and is easily deployable within the cloud, which in turn allows Gluon to seamlessly integrate the Stratis platform into their existing infrastructure. Innovation and security are paramount for both Gluon and Stratis, so this partnership was well-aligned from its inception.

Gluon’s model is based on generating multiple revenue streams including, but not limited to, hardware sales, software subscriptions, advertising, monitoring services, diagnostic services, data services, eCommerce parts sales and Blockchain transaction processing. Gluon products will enable developers to create ancillary applications that will run on the platform, enhancing its functionality and broadening its appeal.

For an MVP ready project the only competitors we can think tackle only smaller segments of what we have developed. Not a comprehensive product or platform.

MTC is an affiliated organization. They are an auto parts manufacturer and wholesaler in business for over 30 years. Some members of the Gluon team are also founders of that successful company. They provide access to parts, inventory and sales data to Gluon. MTC is also one of the venture backers for Gluon.

Device and server communication is secured. The tuning files themselves can be reversed to stock at anytime by the end user.

At a very high level Blockchain allows us to not only accept secure payments, but also records independently verifiable data such as, but not limited to, repairs (for individual vehicles and fleets that are audited and need to prove sanctity of data), order history from manufacturers to distributors, inventory control for distributors/retailers, emissions related records that we are working on currently to certify in California. The picture below illustrates how Gluon will be utilizing the blockchain built on the Stratis platform.

We understand the concern of why blockchain is necessary to Gluon rather than a central database. The premise of blockchain technology is to provide an independently verifiable data where the entity consuming this data is sure of its sanctity. The use cases identified by Gluon does just that where blockchain will play the role of the keeper of truth. e.g. for fleet management, it would provide the benefit to remove fraudulent activity in reporting and compliance purposes. There is a requirement for the fleets to fill the DVCR (Driver Vehicle Condition Report) to ensure compliance. These DVCR’s have a lot of fraudulent activity in filing. Gluon is striving to automate this activity and record the necessary pieces in blockchain so it cannot be tampered. This would help Fleet Managers earn the trust of the Audit agencies thereby benefiting them as well as the enforcers of these regulations. Similarly, a potential exists for the other use cases identified by Gluon such as Vehicle Emissions which can then be expanded for commercial purposes.

We have released our enterprise product. The consumer product is going through FCC testing at the moment and will be available in just a few months. The main difference is size and on board embedded cellular. Under contract we could send you an enterprise device to review.

Above please see the Gluon OBD connectivity diagram. We at Gluon spent years developing and fine-tuning our own hardware, developed 100% from the ground up. We added everything we could possibly want from voltage sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, data storage, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE, Bluetooth and most importantly the ability to futureproof the device by allowing any changes or upgrades to be done in-house. We have the ability to update our device firmware over the air. The Gluon V1 device is FCC/CE/E24 approved and our V2 device for consumer and emissions regulations is currently in the FCC certification stage.

Quite simply, we go above and beyond the basics.

Below is commonly where we see our competitors limited. The vast majority of OBD “connected” car companies use an off the shelf device to connect vehicles and gather basic information like speed, fuel, rpm, etc.

Token Sale FAQ

Yes, the token sale page ( contains a link to an update request form. Look for this line “Want to update a previously submitted entry? Use this link

This is not a final registration but only to get the initial information and date/times assigned for our contributors. We will likely be integrating a KYC process as well. More information of how to contribute will be published well before the ICO.

STRAT is the preferred and best way to pay for GLU. The Stratis platform will convert all non-STRAT currencies to STRAT uses Changelly during the Token Sale.

It will be deployed using the Stratis platform.

Our smart contract is going to be developed with the help of Stratis consultancy. They will help us deploy an instance of the ICO platform on our private server for the ICO.

We are working with Onfido for the KYC verification process waiting a contract for their services.

  •  Code for Gluon platform and product is proprietary
  •  Blockchain code will be published
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