Features Overview

Gluon’s model is based on generating multiple revenue streams including, but not limited to, hardware sales, software subscriptions,
advertising, monitoring services, diagnostic services, data services, e-commerce parts sales, and blockchain transaction processing.

Fleet Management

Gluon also gives companies with large vehicle fleets the ability to monitor their entire operations from one location. A single dashboard can monitor where a vehicle is, how much fuel, range, vehicle health and upcoming services required. We felt that a more informed business is a better business and can make the most of a vehicles life with basic knowledge about the vehicles.

Current fleet management solutions cater to large fleets, leaving smaller fleets with fewer options. Gluon can work with fleets of any size, from the very largest corporations to the single vehicle used by a small restaurant for delivery. Fleet managers can view vital information on every vehicle in the fleet from their office. They can determine which vehicles may need to be taken out of service for routine maintenance, and which ones may be at the highest risk for potential problems due to excess mileage or other reasons.


Our ecommerce connectivity plays off of the monitoring aspect of the device. We want our customers to know exactly what issues their vehicle is facing, when a service is due and how much it will cost. With this information at their fingertips, we have partnered with top tier auto parts suppliers to bring the products at the best possible prices to our users.

Vehicles have become more and more technologically advanced with onboard computers that diagnose and report issues; yet, limitations still exist. Onboard computers only report on the vehicle in which they are located. You can get information on that vehicle while you are in it, but what about the vehicle your child has away at school? Gluon lets you check the temperature gauge and fluid levels. You can even tell if your child has been speeding, if they’ve driven long distances, or have gone outside a given area.


Safety is a big concern for most individuals, and for parents knowing where your child is and what their vehicle is doing is a feature that we will offer to our customers. The ability to tune a vehicle is also the ability to alert a parent if a vehicle is not traveling within a known/regular path, or even allow a valet mode so one of your most valuable assets wont be taken for a joy ride when put into the wrong hands.

What is more frustrating than the ‘check engine’ light? Is the engine about to overheat? Is the block going to crack? Will I be left on the side of the road? Or is it simply that the attendant forgot to tighten the gas cap after the last fill up? (Believe it or not, this is a common cause of that pesky ‘check engine’ light.) The vast majority of drivers do not know what the ‘check engine’ light indicates, or how to find out what it means. They either ignore it, or go to the nearest repair shop with no idea what could be awaiting them.


In addition to traditional methods of payment, Gluon is introducing blockchain payments into its platform. GLU Token provides advantages over other payment methods because processing fees are lower, fraud is reduced, currency conversions, chargebacks and settlement periods are eliminated, and they can be used as a reward system within the program.

We envision worldwide usage of the Gluon platform. To facilitate widespread adoption and international use of the Gluon Platform, the company developed a unique approach to cyptocurrency payments and has developed a reward token to be used within the system to promote adoption and participation. Using cryptocurrency eliminates the need for currency conversions between traditional payment methods, and removes large risks associated with long settlement periods, unwarranted chargebacks, and fraud.

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