Feedback from Leonard Norwitz – Tune Customer


Dear Community,


We had the pleasure of meeting Leanard Norwitz back in February of 2018 to tune his Volvo C30. His experience with Gluon is outlined below:


Customer name: Leonard Norwitz

Feedback Date : Feb 09, 2018


Never one to take the sane road when another way presents itself, I made the decision to go with Gluon.


There are a number of reasons I choose this company:

Location: 35 miles distant (Livermore)

Team: Partners with IPD, specializing in aftermarket Volvo parts and support

Technology: Cutting edge

Delivery: Wi-fi and iOS & Android

Headquarters: USA / UK / India


Gluon is only a delivery system – they partner with those tuning specialists they feel provide the best for the car and model in question.


As to that, there are only 6 or 7 auto makes they can provide tunes for at the moment. Noticeably missing, for now, are BMW and Mercedes.


The company is 4 years old and they bend over sideways to please.  Three managers came out to meet me when I called on them this afternoon.  The Livermore location is a building with a warehouse large enough to hanger a small plane.  By coincidence there was a seriously tuned C30 on site. They offered that I should take it for a spin.  In a disembodied moment of clarity, I decided against it.


The process took about 7 or 8 minutes, during which the four of us stood next to the car chatting about what this was all about and Ron Howard’s one truly great film, “Rush.”  $695 later the three of them stood there with shit-eating grins on their faces – it was almost embarrassing – with every expectation I would be seriously impressed with the result.


I was.


My newly tuned C30 is definitely NOT the car I purchased. More than the extra power available in every gear, noticeable almost instantaneously after pressing the accelerator, is the linear smoothness of its torque – something I had read about, but doubted I would feel, especially with an automatic.


On my return drive home, I was more than usually aware of how many lead-footed drivers were about, several rather careless about lane changing. To my surprise, I accepted no challenges. Quite the contrary, I was overcome with a curious feeling of security.



Thank you Mr. Norwitz for the review!

– Gluon Team

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