Gluon Solutions and LG Electronics SVL Partnership Announcement

Gluon is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with the premier OEM technology company LG Electronics SVL to research and develop disruptive products.  

We hope that this collaboration will strengthen and increase Gluon’s adoption in the marketplace. More information will be released closer to an anticipated commercial launch in 2019.

Our comprehensive approach to multiple facets of automotive technology including fleet management, telematics, monitoring, diagnostic and e-commerce sets us apart from others in the space. Our products and framework have not been limited to just automotive, other exciting new products and markets outside of the automotive space which will be announced publicly in the future. Gluon sought a partner with wide-ranging capabilities in manufacturing, OEM development, and large distribution channels. We are very proud to have that opportunity now with LG Electronics.

Thank you,

Gluon Team

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