GLUON Token Sale Rescheduled

Dear Community,

For the past few months since we announced our token sale, we have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of community members that we are now proud to call our family. Our priorities, which have remained the same throughout, are: a commitment to our company, a commitment to transparency, and a commitment to integrity.

With the recent developments at the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and their increased guidance and regulatory practices, we now have a framework being set for companies, like GLUON, to register. We have not been contacted or forced to comply by anyone at the SEC, this is purely an initiative from the GLUON team to stay ahead of the eventual requirement for all U.S. based organizations to register with the SEC. Regardless of GLU being a utility token, we will be registering. We feel that this initiative best serves our commitments previously listed above as well as our community.

What does this mean in the short term? We will be announcing the timelines for the Public Sale once the registration with the SEC is complete, tentatively after our exhibitions at Blockchain India, C# Corner Conference, and the Blockchain Expo in London. We are driving forward and diligently preparing our registration documents. We have already retained outstanding legal teams to prepare and file GLUON’s registration with the SEC.

Again, we feel that it is important for our community to understand that to act in good faith and move forward with compliance in this way, is 100% voluntary. The U.S. Government and SEC are actively trying to push existing organizations into compliance. One recently has been the Cryptocurrency Exchange, Bittrex, who in the meantime has de-listed many tokens to move towards a compliance standard. See Bittrex quote below:

As a U.S.-based digital currency exchange, Bittrex is committed to incubating new blockchain technology projects and offering innovative, compliant digital tokens to our customers. Bittrex uses a robust digital token review process to ensure the tokens listed on the exchange are compliant with U.S. law and are not considered securities.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding. For more information and any questions/concerns you may have, please reach out to our team at any time.

Best regards,
Sameer Misson
CEO for
Gluon Solutions, Inc.


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