Gluon Whitepaper and Updates

Dear Gluon Community,
We are pleased to announce that our Whitepaper is officially available for viewing on our website. Please follow the link below to access it. Also, please remember to join our various social media channels for the latest updates and news!

Click here for the Whitepaper

How Does Gluon Compare with Others?

Above please see the Gluon OBD connectivity diagram. We at Gluon spent years developing and fine-tuning our own hardware, developed 100% from the ground up. We added everything we could possibly want from voltage sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, data storage, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G LTE, Bluetooth and most importantly the ability to futureproof the device by allowing any changes or upgrades to be done in-house. We have the ability to update our device firmware over the air. The Gluon V1 device is FCC/CE/E24 approved and our V2 device for consumer and emissions regulations is currently in the FCC certification stage.
Quite simply, we go above and beyond the basics.
Below is commonly where we see our competitors limited. The vast majority of OBD “connected” car companies use an off the shelf device to connect vehicles and gather basic information like speed, fuel, rpm, etc.



Thank you from the Gluon Team!

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