We understand the concern of why blockchain is necessary to Gluon rather than a central database. The premise of blockchain technology is to provide an independently verifiable data where the entity consuming this data is sure of its sanctity. The use cases identified by Gluon does just that where blockchain will play the role of the keeper of truth. e.g. for fleet management, it would provide the benefit to remove fraudulent activity in reporting and compliance purposes. There is a requirement for the fleets to fill the DVCR (Driver Vehicle Condition Report) to ensure compliance. These DVCR’s have a lot of fraudulent activity in filing. Gluon is striving to automate this activity and record the necessary pieces in blockchain so it cannot be tampered. This would help Fleet Managers earn the trust of the Audit agencies thereby benefiting them as well as the enforcers of these regulations. Similarly, a potential exists for the other use cases identified by Gluon such as Vehicle Emissions which can then be expanded for commercial purposes.

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