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ACES (Automotive Claims Exchange Standard) data is a data standard used in the automotive industry to exchange information between different stakeholders in the automotive claims process. This standard provides a consistent format for exchanging key data points related to vehicles, parts and repairs, and is designed to streamline the claims process and improve accuracy and efficiency.

ACES data is used by various stakeholders in the automotive industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, insurers, repair facilities, and parts distributors. The data standard covers a wide range of information, including vehicle identification information, part descriptions and specifications, and repair procedures. By using a standardized format for this data, stakeholders can exchange information more efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall speed and accuracy of the claims process.

In addition to improving the claims process, ACES data can also provide valuable insights into the automotive industry, allowing manufacturers and suppliers to better understand the needs and requirements of their customers, and improving the overall quality and safety of vehicles.